Technical resources are becoming increasingly expensive and hard to find in today’s market. Outsourcing is becoming a popular viable option for many startups and even large enterprise companies due to lowered costs and rising technical demands.

However, there is a negative stigma attached to the topic of outsourcing work or hiring teams offshore. Many times we have heard the train­ wreck stories on how offshore teams write terrible code, disappear completely mid-project, or have impossible to understand accents making communicating requirements and new features extremely difficult.

So, how can your startup outsource their development without turning into another disaster story? This is where Toplev comes in.

Our consulting team acts as onshore management for your offshore and outsourced teams.

We offer a variety of resources to facilitate efficient product development and improve your remote team work flow including:

Technical Interviews

Be more confident in hiring the right technical resources by having Toplev perform technical interviews for all of your candidates and then report to you their results for the final decision making.

Code Reviews

Once you are in the process of building out your product, it can be hard to tell how much is truly being accomplished as well if you are building it in the best possible way. Toplev’s team of senior software engineers help to perform code reviews to validate what is being worked on, and assess it for developing more optimal software into your system.




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The outsourcing market continues to grow at an incredible rate and more startups and companies
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