Project Type :- Project Management, Code Reviews, Technical Interviews

“According to software industry benchmarks more than 60% of software projects are late, 45% are over budget, and deliver only 70% of promised functionality.”

Insightt was a project like many others stuck in the void of never ending software development. Many companies never make it out of this and fail before even getting to market.
Some of the main reasons I have seen for this are:
  • Unrealistic Estimates.
  • Inadequate Planning.
  • Unclear Communication of Requirements
  • Poor QA and Testing Processes
  • Scope Creep 
  • Moving Target Syndrome
Brian, as a non technical founder, had trouble finding developers he could trust. His first attempt at building his web site led him to over $50,000 in lost money and a website that was designed to fail from the start. The way it was designed, his architecture was not scalable. His site had numerous bugs making it hardly usable. He experienced massive scope creep and he had to start again from scratch putting him months behind his original timeline.
After hiring Toplev, Brian was able to put together a new development team he could trust. Using Toplev, he has a technical consultant working with him to build his product correctly this time. Brian has added confidence now with daily code reviews being performed on his developers and timeline estimates being validated. QA Testing is performed by Toplev so Brian doesn’t have to spend more time making sure things work. He communicates with us what he wants and we convert it into technical requirements for his developers to implement. By the time it is released back to Brian, he has clear documentation for how everything is built and designed and he spends minimal time testing and validating things. 
Brian also has access to daily reporting that overviews the progress made so he can know his goals are being achieved and the status of upcoming work.
Thanks to Toplev Brian was able to confidently launch his website to his company and is now set to scale to other companies in his industry.