Project Type :- Project Management, Software Development

Project Duration :- 6 months

John had been running his e-commerce website,, for over 15 years. Although his website has a long running high SEO ranking, he started to notice a decline in sales in the past year. Ultimately, he determined his outdated website was likely the issue. While his competitors were running on modern e-commerce templates, he was still running on the same template he had used when he had started.
After having a nightmare of an experience making his current website, he was hesitant to want to do it all again. Toplev helped discuss some of the benefits of modern day web technologies and the power it can offer to his online e-commerce business. In addition, Toplev explained their agile philosophies to mitigate risks and minimize his expense. After further consulting, Toplev decided to develop his site in BigCommerce. Magento would require too much technical overhead for maintenance and updates and Shopify was not powerful enough for his large product inventory. BigCommerce provided the perfect platform for him to grow his business.
Toplev formed a remote development team and got to work. The first step was helping to select a theme and update the logo and branding. We were able to modernize his existing logo with more vibrant colors and a modern touch. After confirming the theme layout and branding, we developed the BigCommerce site. To finalize, there were over 10,000 products that had to be imported and configured.
Utilizing the updated website capabilities, FishTanksDirect was able to implement a custom rewards program adding value to his customers and putting him in direct competition with the biggest brands in their industry.
FishTanksDirect was successfully launched and John’s business is growing steadily again, now with less overhead.