Project Type :- Project Management, Code Reviews, Contract Software Development

Project Duration :- 3 Months

Client Name :- HeyPal

“93% of business units that had fully adopted an agile model before the current pandemic did better than business units that hadn’t.”

HeyPal hired Toplev Consulting for extra hands on development and added project management for their existing remote development team.
As HeyPal was approaching their launch day, things started to seem overwhelming. There were numerous bugs showing in their mobile applications and more being discovered. While the founding team was in the united states, their development team was based in Vietnam. The large difference in timezone was leading to difficulty in communication and many wasted hours.
Toplev first analyzed the status of their existing applications and compared our bug report with their existing task board. Tasks and bug reports were standardized and improved to clear any potential ambiguities (a common problem for remote teams).
After being introduced to the existing development team, Toplev implemented SCRUM practices to improve the communication and make it easier for all parties involved. Using the new SCRUM practices, the product owners now had better insights on what was being worked on and what is coming up next and development efficiency was improved and measured.
Due to the existing team’s limited experience in backend work, HeyPal hired a Toplev Senior Imagineer to work on their backend. Toplev improved their API infrastructure and helped to reduce server costs on AWS and MongoDB.
With Toplev’s support, HeyPal was able to clear out their backlog of tasks and launch their application successfully within their original timeline. As non-technical founders, they have added trust in their offshore development work being pushed WITH Toplev PERFORMING code reviews. They reduced their costs by over 20% on AWS and Mongo DB and now have stronger communication and SCRUM practices implemented.